How to find Scam Free Home Based Jobs

You want to home based jobs, no bosses, no transport involved and no traffics? Well you can. Just get a fast internet connection, purchase a laptop or get all the needed extension devices for your desktop and search the internet for work at home job opportunities.

You have already done the above and are now ready to start a new home based business. I have started mine too a few years ago doing just the above. I encountered some lousy job at first, been a victim to scammers. I have spent almost six hours trying to log in with a given user name and password to a forum posting site. No attempt of mine passed the log in process. Of course I didn’t earn any for that effort and time. I didn’t fall victim to pay and your money will be tripled, quadrupled and multiplied by any number to make you rich in just one week though. That was for the simple reason that I don’t have the money to spare. So as to make you avoid the same circumstances I compiled some tips of legitimate work at home jobs you could do that is not like the traditional work at home income generating jobs.

Here are the lists of Scam Free Home Based Jobs:

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                            Scam Free Home Based Jobs

Providing Customer Services by Telephone like giving them some assistance with problems on their cell phones, problems on their social media accounts and becoming a remote wake up caller and prep assistant. Providing free sign up services and collecting payments for you minus their commissions are the following online companies.

  1. Working Solutions provider of emails response and online chat about technical support on software, electronics and web use info; sales and services like account earmarking, retail sales and reservations and enrollments; services like edits, and simple data entry.
  2. VIP Desk providing the same services with a little innovations like you could be a virtual service center manager for some successful companies that outsource that kind of job and the concierge services where in you perform jobs much like that of a valet or personal assistant.
  3. Alpine Access much like the following company but it offers you job not independent contracts. You are an employee of Alpine Access when you get hired.
  4. Arise makes you perform a 24hrs response program to answer email, telephone queries and online chat much like a sales agent do. But you get hired by them as an independent contractor.

Affiliate Business opportunities offering a commission based income by direct linking and referrals by you to their site. You could earn without doing any work and even without operating your own website. You could put their ads in your social media pages or you refer and link to them via email. You could get extensive training on how to become an expert on affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate for a minimal cost. But if you don’t want to spend a penny on a course you could source out Google for some information.

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